Safe Removal / Cleaning of Drobo & HDD

Hey Guys

My Drobo is dusty as hell, its a V2 with 4 HDDs inside. Is it safe for me to power down remove HDDS (taking note of the order) to blast the HDDs / Drobo / Drobo fan and then return the drives and power up?

Always wondered if it was safe to do so, the fan is caked in dust! :frowning:


yes you can remove the disks while it is powered down

the order of the disks doenst matter

Thanks Chris, I have a can of compressed air standing by! hehe.

<3 Drobo :smiley:

have a vacum hoover nearby too, so that any dust that gets blasted into the air, simply gets sucked into the hoover and not in your face/room :slight_smile:

hoovers tend to generate huge amounts of static (which is lethal to electronics) - thats why the pro’s use cans of compressed air and not vacuum cleaners

ahaa, i sit corrected :slight_smile: