Safe Mode - Does NOT Work (Win XP Pro, SP2) -- Due to DDService.exe - DashBoard 1.6.7

Safe Mode - Does NOT Work (Win XP Pro, SP2) — Due to DDService.exe of DashBoard 1.6.7 !!!

After spending a week on this, I finally found out what was preventing my Win XP Pro, SP2 - PC ,from being able to start in Safe Mode !!!

…It is DDService.exe (Drobo Dashboard Service) of Dashboard 1.6.7 that prevents being able to start a Win XP PC in “Safe Mode” !!!

It was a very time consuming process of elimination. I used MSCONFIG and Disabled all Services and then Enabled each Service one at a time, rebooting after each Enabling of a Service running on my PC. To my suprise the problem definitely turned out to be caused by DDService.exe !

… If DDservice is running it is impossibile to boot a Win XP Pro PC into window’s “Safe Mode” !

*** Here is what happens:
Right after Win XP scrolls a list of drivers loading with the last one listed as Mup.sys, the Win XP - "Safe Mode - Logon Screen is displayed.

—> Now either:
1. Before you can even get a chance to enter your userid/password on the logon screen, within 5 seconds of displaying the Logon Screen, the PC reboots (all by itself) and go directly into the “Normal Mode” of Windows.

2. If you try to type quickly on the safe mode Logon Screen, before you can even finish entering your password on the safe mode logon screen, the PC Reboots (all by itself) into the “Normal Mode” of Windows.

  1. If you Disable - DDService in MSCONF first, then you can start your PC into Safe Mode without a problem.

----> So, Please give this a high priority to fix in a quickly released next version of Drobo Dashboard, since it is vital to be able to start ones PC in Safe Mode, should you get a virus or rogue pgm on your pc and then to be able to easily get into safe mode to remove the rogue. Some rogue may possibly prevent the user from running msconfig and then one would not be able to disable ddservice to be able to get into Safe Mode !

P.S. Should I also submit this problem via your support incident web site page to get it “offically” listed as a problem/bug with DashBoard for it to be addressed ?[/u][/i]

Yes, you should submit this to support so it’s logged with a ticket and makes it into their statistics.

Yes please open a case.

Yes, I submitted it via your web site and received a reply back that Data Robotics is aware of the issue and that they are working to resolve it.

Thank you.


SOLVED ! … I downloaded and installed the new Dashboard 1.6.8 which you had recently indicated fixes the probem with “Safe Mode”.

… I have tested the new Dashboard 1.6.8 version on my Win XP Pro - PC and I am glad to report that the problem has been fixed and I can now successfully boot into Win XP “Safe Mode”, when needed !!!

Thanks !

Also, Thanks to the Development Team, for quick release of a new Dashboard Version which included the fix that resolved this issue !