safe disconnect while rebuilding?

How does one safely disconnect Drobo v2 from a MacBook Pro (firewire connected) while a relayout/rebuild due to disk replacement is going on?

Should the lights stay on?

I closed they lid while the relayout was going on and the Drobo went dark. Is that normal? When I opened the lid, it seemed to continue the rebuild process.


In general, disconnecting the MBP from the Drobo shouldn’t affect relayout. It should be OK to power down the MBP and unplug it from Drobo, and relayout should continue and be OK.

Were the lights next to the drive slots flashing?

The lights were flashing (green/amber) while the MBP was active, but they stopped flashing when I closed the lid. I left the lid open, went to sleep and the rebuild had successfully completed by the time I woke up.

As it turns out, the larger disk was completely unnecessary since the problem was really due to a bad directory index (which made Drobo think it was full, I guess). The MacOS Disk Utility could not fix it, but Disk Warrior fixed it right up!


Great! And now you have more space to fill! :slight_smile: