SABNZD and Unrar / PAR2


I recently purchased a Drobo 5N and set up Sickbeard, SabnZBD, Couchpotato etc.

Seem to have run into a fairly common problem, in that downloads from Sab won’t repair or unrar and the reason is that its not finding the par2 or unrar plugins.

I found a post that seemed to fix it for some people by adding a path statement to the file for Sab however unfortunately this hasn’t sorted the issue for me.

I haven’t been able to find any further suggestions, so I am hoping someone may be able to help?

I can see PAR2 and Unrar installed into the DroboApps share but there doesn’t seem to be any config items in there, suspect they are more like dependencies?

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.

hi, im not too sure as i only have the DAS models of drobo,
but hang in there as there are some forum residents who are quite experienced in things like this, and there is also a website from ricardo which might be useful, which can be found here:
(there are some mentions of those programs too, so hopefully between here and there you can get some answers?) :)[hr]
also, this page might help too:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

I have just managed to fix it courtesy of a post from here:

Was the issue where I had defined PATH correctly but the startup line for the actual SAB python script wasn’t correctly configured to use the path.

Working now :slight_smile:

Bit annoying it does that but hey ho!


cool :)[hr]
by the way, if you get a chance, could you do a full edit on your original post, to help change the Questionmark icon into a thumbs up or something? (just helps others know an answer is found etc)