SABnzbd: par2/unrar/unzip binary etc not found, PATH amended

Hi. Noob here so forgive terminology etc. My first thread so go easy!

I’m so close to USEnet nirvana that I can taste it, but SABnzbd doesn’t seem to be processing files to hand off to Sick Beard.

My setup: Drobo 5N serving media files to my 2012 i5 Mac Mini that has Plex Media Server and Plex Home Theater. Mac Mini-side software is all working brilliantly, so is my hardware - it’s SABnzbd and Sick Beard on my Drobo 5N that’s giving me a headache.

My SABnzbd log at startup looks like this:

I checked out these links here and here, and as a result I altered my SABnzbd file to this:

and my file to this:

I still run in to the exact same problem. SABnzbd just doesn’t seem to be able to recognise par2 and unrar.

Any ideas?