SABnzbd on DroboFS Download speeds

I finally got SABnzbd installed and running on my droboFS!! Hooray! And thank you to Ricardo and drewcovi for their assistance with that.

I noticed my dl speeds are kind of sporadic, and markedly slower than what I get off my pc. Is that normal?

I assumed I wouldn’t see the performance of my pc with urar’ing and other tasks like that but I didn’t anticipate such a hit in dl performance. To put a number on things, I can dl at 5.8mb\s from my pc while the drobo gets max 2.2mb\s from the same nzb.

Good to hear. :smiley:

As for your question: to be sure you have to check CPU usage, but if you are getting 2.2 megabytes/s (i.e. about 20 megabits/s), that sounds kind of ok for something requiring SSL.

Oh I didn’t even think to test without SSL. Excellent idea! How do I check CPU usage?

Use something like htop: www.droboports.com/app-repository/htop-1-0

With SSL the cpu load gets around 95%, but without its around 75% and I get a max of 3.5 megabytes\s which then cowers down to around 1.2. I guess it must be a physical limitation.

Edit: I was using top before and used htop now. Seems it pegs at 100% for both, which explains the speeds.