I’ve got myself a Drobo 5N and want to back it up to my Netgear ReadyNAS, I need rsync on the Drobo to do this apparently. I’ve found a version and installed it in apps but that’s as far as I’ve got. Does anyone know how to configure it or if it even works correctly on a 5N please?



Any help on this please guys?

hi carl,
if it needs to be rsync, please hang in there and someone else can try and help

if you just have data on it, that you want to backup to the other nas, then one very good tool which should be able to help is called SyncBack. (they have a free version, and a couple of other paid versions with extra features too)

i use it to backup one of my drobos, onto the other one (as per my sig below)

  • check it out, and also search this forum for syncback for lots of examples of how its used.

hope this helps a bit meanwhile and welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

-sh: rsync: not found
This is what I get when I install rsync, then connect to the drobo via ssh.
I am somewhat disheartened that the droboapps admin does not work and it is like pulling teeth to find anything that resembles support on Apps.
Anyone have any clue what after adding the rsync app to droboapps share and it installs, I get :-sh: rsync: not found ?
And yes, rsync because it is copying data from a high performance cluster to the drobo not NAS to NAS

Sounds to me like you need to set up your shell to see where your installed DroboApps are. There’s really two types of DroboApps - those that are self-contained programs of their own with web-based GUIs for configuration (Plex, Transmission, etc), and those that are just shell utilities (rsync, most of DroboPorts). Just like any other Linux shell, you have to tell it where your binaries, libraries, and so forth are. On the Drobo, these are all self-contained in their various DroboApp folders at /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/. To quickly set up your shell to see everything properly, create the following ~/.profile:

[code]# Add all DroboApps to the proper environment variables
for APP in ${DROBOAPPS}/*;
if [ -d “$APP/bin” ]; then
if [ “$PATH” == “${PATH/$APP/bin/}” ]; then
export PATH="$APP/bin:$PATH"
if [ “${UID}” == 0 -a -d “$APP/sbin” ]; then
if [ “$PATH” == “${PATH/$APP/sbin/}” ]; then
export PATH="$APP/sbin:$PATH"
if [ -d “$APP/lib” ]; then
if [ “$LD_LIBRARY_PATH” == “${LD_LIBRARY_PATH/$APP/lib/}” ]; then

Add a “service” function

service() {
$DROBOAPPS/$1/service.sh $2

That will suffice to tell your shell where to look for binaries and libraries, including those for rsync.