Rysnc for non geniuses

Hello all.

I have what I consider a meagre requirement. On my mac laptop I have a folder of data.

I want it to synchronise with my droboshare so that the two folders are always the same.

For those of use that are not linux experts/geeks/computer gods how is this done?

Why is it that drobo apps are released with virtually no information what so ever?

So what do developers make these apps then abandon them?

Are people supposed to have a degree in computational science in order to use these apps?

did you try opening a shell and typing: man rsync
? rsync comes from the unix world, and the documentation is in man pages. otoh, maybe you need a GUI, I googled: rsync GUI mac
and got a good number of relevant hints, including some advice on how to use rsync for backups.

hope this helps![hr]
oh, and the way you talk to rsync on the droboshare is to use rsync on your mac… that’s why you should be looking at documentation of the system rsync on the mac, rather than on the droboshare.

@garethi, try this

rsync -avz /Volumes/<path to folder on Drobo/droboshare>

You should really reconsider using rsync. If you have to ask a question like you did, then you probably are not qualified to use it and instead should use Drobocopy or spend money and buy a backup tool like Superduper!

You could try:

arRsync: http://arrsync.sourceforge.net/ (free)
ChronoSync: http://www.econtechnologies.com/pages/cs/chrono_overview.html (paid)

Both will copy a folder on one drive to a folder on another (mounted) drive.

I have tried pretty much all options and have no idea if its a problem of the drobo, network or what. But basically if i define a source folder say on my imac and a destination say on drobo then it will happily copy any new changes from the source to the destination but it will not correct on the source copy changes made from the destination, so syncronsiation of two folders ssimply is not working. I have a support case open with chronosync, see what they have to say.

I have asked here because there is a programme for rsync for the drobo. Although to be honest I am baffled as to what its purpose is to be honest.

It gets pretty annoying that these apps are made available but without any instructions what so ever and no support it would seem.

Drobocopy is of no use, I am not after a back up solution, timemachine does that just fine. I am after something that will keep two folders looking exactly alike. Dropbox on line can do it over the interweb but there appears to be nothing available for my local network.

@garethi, rsync works in one direction. If you want something bi-dirctional, then you should use rsync in both directions. There is a switch to make it erase things in the destination that are no longer in the target. You can use this to get what you want. Beware, it will be error prone if you are making changes in both source and target locations. Take another look at DrobocOpy - it has a mode where it will keep the destination in strict sync with the target, i.e. it will erase stuff.

BUt it won’t do it back.

To explain a little I am working on indesign documents which might contain many elements. I have say folder one on my imac which I am working on. I also want it available on my macbook in the latest form, which I may take away from home do some more work on that folder and bring home, where I want it to update so that the imac sees the latest version.

In this instance its not about back up, both the imac and macbook have time machine for that, what I am looking for is to stop being confused about whats the latest version, which is what currently happens!

From what I understand you want to be able to work on your files either on your iMac or on your MacBook.
You want to store the ‘master’ copy on your Drobo with a Drobo Share running rsync.

To do this you need to:

  1. When you start working on your iMac or on your MacBook you need to run rsync to copy the files down from the Drobo to your computer
    rsync --archive --delete rsync://droboshare/mywork/ ~/localfolder/

  2. When you finish working on your computer you need to run an rsync job to copy files back to Drobo so that Drobo has the latest copy
    rsync --archive --delete ~/localfolder/ rsync://droboshare/mywork/

This way you always get the latest copy before you start and put back the updated files when you finish.
The downside to this is if you accidentally run step 1 when you wanted to run step 2 then you lose the changes you just made :slight_smile:
Also be careful with --delete as it removes files in the destination to make it identical to the source.

Best to use some test files when you are playing with rsync so you get it right before using real files. Once you have it behaving how you want it may be worth putting the commands in a couple of shell scripts or applescripts.

Thanks for this but its not going to meet my needs. Chronosync is not going to either basically they sent me an email outlining what you have said above.

I am astounded at how difficult this would appear to be. I am going to have to pay for extra bandwidth so I can use Dropbox, the only programme which actually does what I need, but having to upload gigabites of data just to haver it come back down ont he same network! Unbelievable.

Instead of running the sync on the DroboShare, why not just run the synchronization from your laptop’s end?

Unless, of course, your laptop is Linux-based…

Just to be clear, when you do an rsync copy it only transfers

  • new files
  • the updated parts of existing files (for non-local rsync transfers such as to the drobo share)

Rsync is very efficient at what it does.

livesync does what you want, but i am not sure if they have updated it for snowleopard, i use it to sync gigbytes of data between my 3 (previously 5) machines and its always worked flawlessly