Running SickGear (a sickbeard fork) on Drobo

To give this post context, here is a snippet from another thread:

[quote=“ricardo, post:4, topic:141818”]

Oh man, there is enough here to start a topic of its own. I’ve been unhappy about the pace of updates with SickBeard as well, but as you mentioned SickRage seems to be going down the drain as well. If you know of a stable, well maintained, SickBeard spinoff I’d love to hear about it. As for packaging a fork of SickBeard, it should be easy enough to do that by replacing the URL in here:[/quote]

I thought I’d start a new thread about this for two reasons. First, I’ve been trying to identify a sickbeard fork that still gets fairly regular updates, seems stable, and has a good feature set. I think that might be SickGear, but I’d like to hear from anyone in the community here who has tried that fork. More on that in a minute. Second, I wanted a place to document the steps I took to get a different sickbeard fork than the one in the official DroboApps package running on my Drobo.

As a starting point to picking a sickbeard fork, see this wiki entry written in October by clinton-hall. It gives a good summary of the existing forks and their features.

I’ve used sickbeard for two or three years. I think I started (very briefly) with the main midgetspy repo, but ran into one issue or another with that, and then migrated to a fork by mr-orange, then after encountering some other issue, saw that it had already been fixed in SickRage (another fork, by echel0n), and I moved to that.

I’ve used SickRage for quite a while. It’s UI is prettier and more functional than the one in the main sickbeard repo, it has some impressive features, and is still being actively maintained and updated. However, one of its main reasons for coming into existence was to support the use of tvrage as well as tvdb for getting show and episode info. Whoever was running tvrage pulled the plug on it several months ago. Of course SickRage still works fine without tvrage–just choose tvdb instead of tvrage in the menu–but I saw this change, combined with wanting to get something running on my Drobo instead of Windows where I used to run it, as a good opportunity to look at other forks. Another weird thing I’ve seen recently is that there has been some drama with some of the SickRage developers leaving SickRage and starting their own fork (SickGear, I think). The maintainer of SickRage, echel0n, does not seem to be handling that well, putting a big notice on the SickRage git pages warning people that if they run some other fork they risk “ALLOW[ing] THEM TO INFECT YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEMS WITH MALICAIOUS CODE THAT COULD WIPE YOUR ENTIRE SYSTEM!” Um, I really doubt that is why they started their own fork, and in my mind it calls into question the objectivity and professionalism I look for in a software developer.

So, ignoring echel0n’s dire warning, I really want to try SickGear next. Have any of you used it? How do you like it? Is it stable? Are you running the master or develop branch? I’ve only run it (the develop branch) for less than a day so far so I can’t tell much yet about stability, but I haven’t run into any issues or problems yet, and I really like the interface and features.

In Ricardo’s reply to me at the top of this post, he mentioned a method of packaging a