Running Apps

I’m using firmware 3.3.0. I’m currently not using any of the DroboApps, as I haven’t found a useful need for them yet, but I see two apps running…Python 2 and Perl. If I tell them to stop they stay running. I don’t like apps wasting resources.

Are these required for normal Drobo operations? If not, why can’t I shut them down?


hi dragon,
it might be related to the new coding framework support, eg about being able to download apps and install apps from the command line. (maybe that needs python and perl)

Python and perl are just “library” apps. They don’t run anything in the background. The “running” status is purely cosmetic. They were probably installed because you installed some other DroboApp that depended on them.

You can always try to uninstall them, if it fails then you still have some DroboApp that requires them.

@Paul: the new DroboApps framework is self contained, no additional DroboApps needed. :slight_smile:


Python and Perl are “programming” languages… The Python and Perl “DroboApps” are libs liked what ricardo mentioned. With these installed… in 5N. 5N “hackers” can write python or perl script/code … and run them inside 5N.

Think of them like “DDLs” in the windows system…

That’s what I thought. Strange I could not stop them from running, even after a restart.


thanks for the info