Run Minimized

Using Drobo Dashboard (1.6.7) installed on Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow leopard.

I can’t make Drobo Dashboard startup without having its main window appear.

With the previous version I didn’t have this issue.

Any solutions?


I’m not sure you can.

How did you do it previously? Or was that just default behaviour?

removing the icon from the dock would be also a nice feature :wink:

There’s a feature request thread for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you get a third party anyway for that anyway?

IMHO not in snow leopard.

but you are right… i will move to the feature forum for that.

dont you mean AFAIK ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seemed to be default behaviour…

I also use dockless to remove the icon from the dock…

Sorry for replying so late - I didn’t receive email notifications from the thread, though I’m supposed to.