Run Drobo Dashboard without minimize to tray?

On Windows, is there a way to run Drobo Dashboard without having it automatically minimize to the system tray?

In other words, I want to run Drobo Dashboard to appear immediately with the interface that normally comes up when you double-click the tray icon.

Command-line option, perhaps? If not, I’ll put in a feature request.

The reason behind my question is being able to run and use Drobo Dashboard from the Windows Home Server Console, which is like an RDP session, but the system tray is hidden/invisible, so I can’t get to the dashboard’s interface even if I run Drobo Dashboard.


I thought so, but i have just confirmed it.

When i run dashboard it does not minimise, i double-click the dashboard icon to start the program, it loads, and the pie chart window opens, and stays there

could it be a WHS thing rather than a dashboard thing?

Hmm, you’re right - at least manually starting it on my Win 7 machine does the same (shows pie chart)…

Ahh, seems I made a mistake the first time and was trying to run Drobo Dashboard simultaneously on two accounts, so on the second (WHS console) it just didn’t launch at all.

If I kill my “service” Drobo Dashboard then run it from the WHS console, it comes up. Cool.

Thanks for making me look closer!

This thread is now defunct. :slight_smile:

cool, glad to be of help :smiley: