RUN as far from Drobo as you can

Drobo was great. Now they are at the bottom of the storage list. No support, no updates, no caring for their long supporters. Chapter 11 or not, this happened way before that happened when they took many months to finally fix a simple Big Sur Thurderbolt problem. This proves they have no plans for the future. We are on our own and the lies told here are just that. If someone has a solution for us poor fools who continued to purchase their product, please let us know. Thank you all for your help. Drobo can keep their millions in the bankruptcy as republicans allow. While we the consumer has no protection and no recourse.

I have an old Mac Pro set up to manage my DROBO 5N and 5N2. Should be fine for years to come. Any older used iMac, Mac Mini will do for checking the Dashboard on a Networked Drobo. Lots of companies are affected by Apple making major changes again. Not just DROBO.

Used Mac can be cheaper than new hard drives .

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