Rsync + Apple metadata


I would like to speak to the developers who did Rsync for Drobo FS, I have a business proposition for them to add some functionality to the Drobo FS rsync app.

I don’t think they will be particularly interested. DroboApps are a community thing, provided in the most part by people working for free in their own time to “scratch their own itch”. I’m sure if you wanted to contribute your work that DRI would look at publishing it on the DroboApps page. I’m also sure you know that Rsync is published under the GPL and as such there are limits on what you can do as far as commercial exploitation (see http://www.samba.org/rsync/) for licensing details.

Yes, I am well and familar with the GPL. Thanks. Here is what I have in mind. I would like to propose a bounty for the guys who complied rsync for the Drobo FS. If they add all the appropriate extensions that mac users need, I will pay out a sum of money directly to the developer that makes the changes. This should be incredibly easy since all the changes are in the rsync tree and they are available to anyone. If fact, all the instructions as to what would be needed are right here:


on a regular linux platform I could make these changes myself, but I don’t know how drobo apps work, or how the rsync app is compiled etc. So if someone is interested and has the expertise to update the drobo FS rsync app with these extensions, then I will pay out a bounty for this. Contact me directly for the amount.