root password resets after firmware upgrade


Ok, I am quite frustrated, because I’ve gotten no one with Drobo support who can seem to understand/answer what I am asking, so I figured I’d try here…

I have a Drobo 5N. I use openssh so I can log into the drive array. As per the instructions, one of the first things I do is to change the root password on the server. For another program, I’ve also made an edit to the hosts file.

Now, here is the problem… every time I run a firmware upgrade on the Drobo, it resets the root password to the default and overwrites my changes to the hosts file. While this is a minor nuisance, it still shouldn’t baseline my config changes to the Drobo.

Have any of you had similar issues and, if so, how did you resolve it?


It’s worse than that. The root password gets reset every time the Drobo is rebooted, as I discovered here: