root password for SSH

I installed dropbear, and logged in to the device as ‘admin’ with my own password. This worked fine but I soon realised I should have logged in as root.

Now the problem is: “What is the root password”

I checked the documentation and everywhere it says the root password is ‘root’, so I thought great, let’s login.

It’s not accepting the word root as password for the user root.
SO, who can help me: Did they change the root password in 1.1.0 for the Drobo FS?

From the Dropbear SSH DroboApp description:
The default username and password for SSH access is:
Username: root
Password: giveit2me

That was from DroboShare though, so not sure if it’s different on FS.

It is supposed to be ‘root’ for Drobo FS. I tried ‘giveit2me’ as well: did not work.

Can anyone tell me how I could reset the password to what it is supposed to be? ANYONE?

Unless you’ve messed with the conf files, I believe a simple reboot will reset the root password.

We have since found out that I was sold a either a refurbished unit that had been messed with by someone else, or a 2nd hand unit that had been craftily put back in the original. I never messed with anything but my root password has been changed permanently by someone.

you could try to uninstall dropbear in the admin area: http://your.ip.here.xxx/droboadmin/?task=uninstall, reboot drobo machine, then re-install dropbear.

if dropbear isn’t installed, then install it and you’ll be able to ssh in as root:root. W/o dropbear you can not ssh into the expensive piece of plastic.