Root password changing

I have activated SSH to do some file maintenance onto my 5N. As some require to be root, I have setup root password and can login with that one but as soon as 5N is rebooted (I suppose that’s the reason) the root password is reseted to something I don’t know…
— what is the default 5N root password?
— why is it changing?

for most operation that require root, maybe you can use sudo :slight_smile:

How do you think I have changed root password?

My main concern is why root password changes…

lol … point taken :slight_smile:
I think that is the behaviour of the new 3.3.0 firmware not to let people use the root user.
Maybe too much people messed up drobos playing with root :slight_smile:
or maybe no one was changing the pwd from the default root exposing the drobo to security issues.

sometimes its good to get to the root of the issue :slight_smile: