Rising from 2 TB to 4 TB and WDTV question

Hi, I own a Drobo 2nd Generation with 3 hard drives of 1.5 tb each, and one o 2 tb.

When I started with the drobo I formatted the drobo to 2tb logical units or partitions, could I change the first setup of the Drobo rising from 2 tb to 4 tb the logical units without lose the information that now I have into de 4 hard drives of the Drobo?.

Also I use the Drobo with a Western Digital TV (the old one no the live version), and with it I only can see one logical unit at the same time (I can change it unplugging and plugging inmediately the Wester Digital), some of you have achieved see two or more partitions. Thanks

AFAIK drobo does not support partition resizing - so you’ll have to move your data somewhere else and reformat drobo…

And speaking of WD TV I believe it does not support large (>2TB) disk drives.

Thanks for the answer.

The Live version of the WDTV support up 4tb of disk drives, I am thinking in change the WDTV unit, so the question of resizing.