Reusing a hard drive in another Drobo

I have 2 Drobos. I use one with a Droboshare and another attached to my Mac to store my pictures and videos. I am upgrading 2 of my drives in my “picture” Drobo and would like to move the other drives to my Droboshare Drobo. Is there a way to reuse the drives?

yes, just put them in the droboshare drobo and it will add their capacity to your existing disk pack.

Yes just put them in the Drobo attached to the share. You should make sure the Drobo is up and running when you do this - if Drobo was off and you powered it on with Drives from two different disk packs it would probably get confused.

agreed, i should have made that clearer. as long as drobo is running with a valid disk pack in it - then any additional disks you insert are immediately wiped and added to the pack already mounted.