Retrieving data drom drive

I think my drobo had mulfuction,all four indicator light turns red,I press the reset button with no result,even I install two new drive in,so now my question is,how can I retrieve the data drom the drive?can I purchase a new Drobo-D and insert the drive in?will the data still be available?thank you.

Migrating the disk pack to a new chassis will work, as long as it is a supported migration path.

It mention that have to upgrade both old and new drobo firmware before migrating,but my old drobo is not responding,will it work?

Hmm, unsure. I recommend contacting Support and explaining to them that you’re trying to migrate a disk pack to a new Drobo and see what they say.

Can you advise what firmware is running on your 5D on the old DROBO? Are both DROBOs in this case 5D, or are you trying to migrate from a different Drobo to the 5D? Can you see the old Drobo in dashboard, and if so are you able to collect logs? I would recommend trying to collect logs from the old Drobo, and then filing a case with support to have this reviewed. Did you get any other messages in dashboard when you noticed the all red bay lights on your old DROBO? Please collect logs from both DROBOs and file a support case so that an engineer can review this properly.