Restrict shares depending on time

I wonder if anyone can help me. I’m trying to find a way to manage access to a share based on time. For example no access to the share between the hours of 05:00 to 10:00.

Does anyone know of a way o do this?


Given that a “share” in a DroboFS is exposed through different services (Samba for Windows, Netatalk for Macs, NFS for others, and then you also have HTTP and FTP), I’m pretty sure that it is impossible to do so across all of these services.

It may be possible if you restrict access to a single type of service.

OK, some more information.
I use the DroboFS to stream TV to a WDTV Live box. The problem is that I have kids that will get up extremly early on the weekend to watch TV. This then puts them in a bad mood for the rest of the day beacuse they have not had enough sleep. I am an evil parent and I want to control how much TV they watch.

I was hoping for a solution like password protecting the share via a cron job and night and then unpassword proctecting it in the morning.

Or is there a different solution that you can think of?

Hide the remote? :slight_smile:

Or put your TV power on a timer?

Nice ideas, but they don’t work. They are very good at find the remotes, they can’t seem to find anything else that they have lost though! And it didn’t take them long to unplg the timer. I even had a IR controlled plug I bought of eBay. That worked for a few days until the remote “got lost”.

What are you using at the TV? Is it wired or wireless?

It’s an old “Goldfish bowl” TV. You know, it has 3D. The center of the screen is much closer to you then the corners!

The WDTV Live is on a wired network.

Well, if you wanna go the cron job route you can easily do the following: instead of messing with passwords and share configuration, just change the root folder permissions so that it becomes unreadable by anyone. Something like this:

chmod a-r /kids/share/path/here

And then to enable it back:

chmod a+r /kids/share/path/here

You don’t even need to do it recursively, since the WD TV does not allow direct input of folders.

I still think that the easiest thing to do would be to somehow program the TV not to turn on, but if it is such an old TV then you might as well fix it at the Drobo.

Can you hide a cheap Ethernet switch in line somewhere and put THAT on a timer?

Brilliant idea!