Restore from Time Machine via ethernet

I use Drobo5N2 with Time Machine and just bought a new MacBook Pro after successfully using the Drobo as a backup for the past year. I’m trying to restore the Time Machine to the new computer, and would like to use the ethernet cable for a much faster restore. Is this even possible with Drobo5N2? I tried with my cable but the MacBook Pro can’t see the Drobo through ethernet only either in Restore (cmd-R on startup) or using Migration Assistant. It may be the cable, and I’ve ordered a new one with a gigabit adapter, but is it possible that I need to configure something, perhaps in Drobo Dashboard, in order for my Mac to see the Drobo via ethernet?
thanks everyone!

Time Machine Restore:

Boot computer in recovery mode by pressing cmd + R .
You will see MacOs utilities window which has “Restore from Time machine backup” option.
select this and continue.
Select “other server” (bottom left corner ) once you are in “Select a Resource Source” page.
Enter time machine share details. eg:- afp:\<timemachine share name>
Enter device credentials.
Select the backup and click continue.
If its encrypted backup, enter the password for it.
It will list the backups from which you could restore

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