Restore from a 5N TM backup

I have just about completed a full overhaul of my IT setup, replacing a Mac Mini desktop with Drobo 4 DAS and TimeMachine on a USB western digital HDD with a Macbook Pro laptop and Drobo 5N NAS unit with a TimeMachine enabled partition.

TM is happy and doing what it should.

My question is this -

when I installed the new laptop i used the WD HDD connected to restore all my apps and setup to the laptop - this worked 100%

when I one-day replace the MacBook Pro, how do I connect the Drobo 5N TM share to the new device for the restore??

Its a share on network device, not a unique HDD like before, will the new device recognise it or even find it???

This may help ( while the second article is for another one of our NAS products, it should work the same ).



looks a bit more complex than a USB restore but good to know how to do it.

When doing a full restore from time machine, it seems the easiest way is to use a direct USB attached HDD, this works extremely easily but you have no fall-back of the data on the HDD.

Looking at the links above, it appears that Drobo NAS time machine backup is far harder to use for a full restore but you have the Drobo security for HDD failures.

Is it any easier if I connect a USB HDD to my Apple Airport Extreme, does that turn it into a TimeCapsule and would that make it any easier to do a full restore???
I know there is still no fall-back here though.

I need to fine the best balance for ease of use in a full recovery situation - if the Mac is running then accessing Time Machine is easy no matter what storage method is used, it’s when you have a blank Mac and need to do a full restore that it really matters.

If it helps, with the newer OS X releases you can have multiple destinations set for your Time machine backups so, for example, hourly backups alternate between your Drobo and a USB drive. It might provide the compromise you’re looking for.

I have no experience of using an Airport Extreme but see here: http://pondini.org/TM/AEQ2.html and note the very last sentence. I take that to mean that it might well do what you want. It would be worth trying it and doing a dummy full recovery to confirm to your satisfaction that it works.