Restart while data is being rebuilt?

Hello everyone.
I hope someone knows this answer asap :wink:

I just added a bigger drive to the pro, replacing a smaller one with a larger drive.
Data protection is in progress, but I really need to restart the mac.

Can I do this without messing up the Drobo?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure abt the MacOS, but once rebuilding is in progress, you can reboot the host w/o affecting the process on Windows OS. Btw, did U disable the drive inactivity time out by dragging the scroll bar all the way to the right? Btw, pls don’t hold me liable for any mishaps or data loss.

This is a great question one I also had till I got board with waiting and just restarted…

It seemed to have no ill effect… that was running XP on iscsi

I believe all of that is self contained…

You just will not get reporting via dashboard…

Yes it is fine to restart your computer while Drobo is rebuilding. Drobo is self-contained and will take care of the rebuilding on its own.