Restart Option?

Am I missing something? Where’s the Restart option?

there isnt one - what are you doing that you feel you need to restart it?


Have a look at Key Highlights.

I don’t see it for my Drobo v2 units. Maybe it doesn’t apply to certain Drobos?

i think thats only for the FS

and you didnt answer my question :stuck_out_tongue:

Restart is available on the Pro, Elite and FS with dashboard 1.7.2 and higher.

It must’ve been the “This release of Drobo Dashboard is compatible with Drobo FS, DroboElite, DroboPro, 1st and 2nd Generation Drobo, Drobo S
and DroboShare” that threw me!

why do you want to restart it, what is the point?[hr]
aside from that fact that i cant think of a reason to restart it, i guess their logic is that most people are relatively close to their drobos, so manually unplugging then replugging it isnt too difficult. with the higher end models they are often much further away so remote restarting might be required.

plus with the FS etc i guess they may renew DHCP when restarted or some other configuration options,


i still cant think why you would need to restart a regular drobo tho.

and it is compatible, but it doenst say all features are available for all drobos

you cant do thin provisioning either…

I occasionally check to see if all files that I’ve copied to the Drobo have made it there… More often than not, the files are there, but don’t appear until after I do a Drobo reset. Not a big thing, other than the fact that the Drobo’s on the other side of my house. Then again, I could user the exercise!

erm, the files dont appear until after you restart drobo??

that is NOT right

are you using windows or OSX?

i’d be far more worried about what is wrong with your setup rather than “do i have a restart button”

XP Pro (SP3), Drobo Gen 2, DroboShare:

With a reset solving the problem, why would I think it’s anything other than the Drobo (or DroboShare)?

Yeah, if your files aren’t appearing immediately it’s a bigger issue - and one that shouldn’t require a restart of Drobo.

I’ve seen files take a second or two to appear when I was using DroboShare, but I have no such issue when direct-connected or when sharing from my server.

Ahh, just saw you post - you’re using DroboShare. I did notice it took a few seconds for new files to show up. Try F5 to refresh the listing - it should show up.

If you still have trouble, disconnect Drobo from DroboShare, direct-connect it to your Windows box and run Chkdsk on it.
If you’ve formatted the Drobo to > 2TB, XP won’t mount it so you will either need a Server 2003, Vista, or Windows 7 machine to Chkdsk it, or you can SSH into DroboShare and use fsck

incidentally “restart now” is greyed out for me

@docchris you upgraded to dashboard 1.7.3?

I know it shouldn’t happen, but it does. (I also know that I should be taller, lighter and wealthier, but that’s another discussion!)

I’ve done the disconnect/direct-connect/CHKDSK thing, with the same results.

“SSH into DroboShare and use fsck?”

yep, according to dashboard it is 1.7.3 and my 'pro is 1.1.5

Something’s definitely amiss. I strongly recommend opening a support ticket.

Don’t keep trying to work around the problem - get it solved, as it should be a solve-able one. :slight_smile: