Rest drobo user password **sorry**

I have looked on the community and tried a couple of the suggestions but they haven’t worked I am not the best technically but try hard.

I have a drobo 4 bay and later purchased a droboshare around four years ago I set up a user name and password for the share but did not use it.
I have decided to use it in my new house I have sat the drobo on the share and connected them together and used an Ethernet cable from the share to the laptop and it asks for a user name and password which I can not remember how do I reset it so I can put a new one

please don’t suggest the drobo knowledge as I have and cant find what it is I am supposed to do. can any one guide me threw it as a step by step idiots guide idiot been me. :slight_smile:

Dear Drobo team

Please not that I’m sure about my password and username and just to make sure I had to go to the web and rest my password, but still I can’t access my software in my Mac, therefore please… Help![hr]
by the way my e-mail is just email me when you come up with a solution.