[Resolved] Poor Drobo S eSata performance

Hi All,

I’ve connected a new Drobo-S to my workstation via eSATA, and the sequential read/write performance is roughly 1/3rd that of the same drive hooked up to the same workstation via a generic eSATA dock.

That is, I’m getting ~ 24 MB/sec sequential read performance from the Drobo-S, but 79 MB/sec from the same drive when connected to a a generic eSATA dock.

Drobo-S Config:

  • Firmware 2.0.1
  • Two Western Digital WD10000CSRTL ‘Green’ drives
  • Single drive redundancy
  • 8 TB LUN (configured with drobo-utils .6.2.2 via ‘drobom setlunsize 8’)
  • Intel 82801JI SATA chipset
  • EXT3 (created with ‘mke2fs -j -i 262144 -O sparse_super,^resize_inode’)
  • Linux kernel 2.6.31-14-server

I love everything else about the Drobo-S, but the current performance is an unfortunate deal breaker.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I’d like to note that this was my mistake. I unknowingly ran the benchmarks with Drobo mounted over USB instead of eSATA. While I did run a ‘rescan-scsi-bus.sh’ to pick up the Drobo without rebooting, I didn’t stop to think that the ‘Drobo’ featured in the output of ‘lsscsi’ was detected via USB.