[Resolved] Drobo Dashboard waiting for connexion


I have a Macbook pro with OS X 10.6.4 in 64bits connect to my Time Capsule by WiFi, i have just bought a Drobo FS.

I have installed Drobo Dashboard on my Macbook pro and connect my Drobo FS to my Time Capsule.

But the application Drobo Dashboard stay in “Waiting for connexion” it doesn’t see my Drobo FS…

In the Finder i can see my Drobo FS and read/write files.

I have updated Drobo Dashboard application to 1.7.3 but it the same.

I have seen some troubles in this forum or other relate with Drobo Dashboard on Macbook pro but i don’t found the solution.

What can i do ? Any help is very appreciate.

Disable your firewall. See if your Mac connects.

My firewall was disabled.

My Macbook pro is connected to my Time Capsule by Wifi or network cable is the same.

i can access to the Drobo FS by the finder, but Drobo Dasboard can see it.

I know some airport extremes will assign a different subnet to wired devices and a different subnet to a wireless device.

Is your computer connecting via wireless or is it wired to your router?

I have tested the two solutions, normaly it is connected via wireless but i try to connect my Macbook pro with a Network cable and this is the same.

wired or via wireless the finder see my Drobo FS but not the application Drobo Dashboard who stay in “Waiting for connection”.

What happens when you direct connect to the NIC card on your computer?

If i connect the Drobo FS directly to the NIC card on my Macbook pro ?

I have tested but nothing…

Then please open a support case.

I have open a support case yesterday but i have no answer… thank you for your help.

Have you tried rebooting the FS and your Mac?
I get this same annoying problem every once in a while.

I have doing this a lot of time…

I found my problem … if operating system firewall was disabled I enabled the firewall NetBarrier, after i have set it without restriction Drobo Dashboard works fine.

However my Drobo FS never put into old… it is configured to stop after 15 minutes of inactivity but it doesn’t.

It´s probably configured to spin down the disks after 15minutes. However for some reason the fan wont stop for that reason. So the FS is still a noisy box when it´s not in use. Im looking into replacing the fan to make it 18db

It’s true the fan make some noise but for replace it you must open your Drobo FS and lose your warranty…

The light on each hd stay green so normaly that say they are not in old, purhaps because the Time Capsule is on…

I had the same consern as you so I sent a Diagnose file to support and they verified that the disk had spun down. The green lights indicate that the disk are healthy and not full.

I know it breaks the warranty, but it will become dead silent and is very tempting.