resetting drobo with spare SATA drive

Hi all, i just installed 1.3.5 and my drobo has died, all red and blue lights and fans going to the guns.

If i remove my 4 data drives from the drobo, can i reset the drobo, if worse comes to worse i have a non -critial sata drive i can put in the drobo as an alternate and reset reformat that.

The reason is that if i can get my drobo running can i then reinsert my 4 data drives, and hopefully not lose any data?

I believe your 4-drive disk pack will have to be reformatted after a reset! So, be careful.
The problem is your drobo has entered into an unstable or literally “DEAD” state w/ all red & blue lights after the firmware upgrade. If you remove those drives & performed a hard reset, once you put them back, drobo Dashboard will report “Too many drive removed error” & “Your drive doesn’t appear to be formatted”. I hope I’m wrong but that’s one of the issues that we’ve observed in 1.3.5 & previous releases. Good luck!

Have you tried removing power entirely from the Drobo, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging everything in? My Drobo looked unformatted after the 1.3.5 upgrade but a full cold reset fixed things.

Resetting a Drobo WITH OUT the drive pack does not reset the data on the drives.
That only happens with you do a PIN reset with the drives inside the drobo.

the drobo came back to life after a power cycle, i never get the data/power cable in the right order

Data cable first then Power. Always.

For plugging and unplugging.