Resets after upgrading to 2.1.4 firmware

I’ve got an ESATA-connected Drobo S on Win7-64 that has been working flawlessly for quite a while even under heavy load. Yesterday, I updated to the 2.1.4 [5.40.62647] firmware which promises “Windows 7/8 performance improvement” and “Dual Disk Redundancy optimization” which fit my use case.

Manual update worked fine, drive rebooted and the appeared in Dashboard.

This morning, I’m merrily copying files off the Drobo S and I hear the Windows device disconnect sound. Then I see the Drobo reboot. In the system log:

The driver for device \Device\Scsi\JRAID1 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity. All associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition.

Followed by a bunch of Disk and NTFS errors, as expected as the Drobo was rebooting.

Everything recovered okay, but this has repeated several times. I’ve tried rebooting the PC, reflashing the firmware on the Drobo S. Seems to happen when copying large files.

To eliminate the possibility that it was a JMicron driver issue, I updated the eSATA controller driver, with the same reset behavior.

Circumstantially, I suspect the firmware; is it possible to revert to the previous version 2.1.3 without messing up the disk pack?

Well, the answer to the downgrade is definitely no. Red lights and warning that the disk pack is not compatible with the firmware. Was able to reflash to 2.1.4 and the disk pack came back. Switching to Firewire made no difference, after copying about 40GB, the unit rebooted.

Opened a case with Drobo and the case is being escalated. Tech said that from the logs, didn’t look like an eSATA problem.

Thanks for telling us about your experiences, Dataguy.
Drobo doesn’t really say much in their release notes, so when I see new firmware released, I usually wait for people to post their experiences.

I hope this works out for you. Please keep us posted.

hi i seem to remember reading somewhere that simple usb was the best connection to use when carrying out any updates.

it’s good that you were able to sort it out though

Are others generally having good experiences with the Drobo S Firmware update? I do run dual redundacy so I wondered if that performs any faster.

Strangely, the reboots became so frequent under Win7Pro-64 that I thought I was toast. But on a fluke, I booted to my Win8Pro-64 partition and the S was fine…at least for a while. I was able to transfer off about a TB to my N before the S started the reboot spiral. The Windows System log shows an ominous message that the Drobo created an internal dump when the array became unavailable.

So either my S decided to give up the ghost right after I updated to the new firmware or there might be something up with the 2.1.4 firmware. I’ve had no issues updating FW via eSATA (though I believe Paul was right that doing so used to be a known bug). And 2.1.3 was rock solid for me.

Fortunately I have my most critical files on two rotating offsite USB drives. Too bad there’s no scalable, affordable way to backup the Drobo’s density. Expensive proposition to have dual disk redundancy and an offsite Drobo with similar capacity. And this is from someone who just bought his 4th Drobo (original, v2, S, N).

I also had problems right after I installed this fw!!

My unit disconnected from my Mac (USB3) and froze completely only to be awaken by pulling the plug!

I had to do a pin reset with the drives inside loosing all data but in my case it were only backups.

Unit again OK after this.

Whoa, that’s NOT OK!

Guess I’m holding off on this update… Thanks to the brave ones for warning the rest of us!

I definitely advise against trying this fw!

I have opened a case and they say they are aware of the problems and testing. Should have done this before posting! And should pull this.

Drobo tier 3 support advised me they are building a special firmware to resolve my issue, so apparently there was enough info in my log dumps to figure out what is happening.

That’s comforting news, please keep us posted!

Drobo Support says new firmware may be released as soon as today.

2.1.5 has been released and is publicly available on the Drobo download page, replacing 2.1.4. The release notes:

 Windows 7 / 8 performance improvement
 Dual Disk Redundancy optimization
 Fixed intermittent reboot under stress

Well, that’s good news. I’d love to know if this fixes whatever caused my Drobo S to spontaneously reboot after I removed one drive and inserted a larger one, wiping 7.7 terabytes of my data. I imagine I’ll give it a try…after waiting a sane amount of time to see if the new release causes problems or not!

No joy on 2.1.5 for me. My Drobo S continues to reboot intermittently sometimes without any transfers going whatsoever. Logs sent off to Drobo Support.

Sorry to hear it’s still being stupid, and many thanks for the update! My server mysteriously broke then fixed itself, so best for me not to tempt fate.

In fact, today’s project is to run a fresh backup. :slight_smile:

that’s a bit worrying about the new firmware.
i think i’ll keep mine as it is for now

Still working with Drobo Support. Was able to recreate the issue on two different computers and on both USB and eSATA. At this point, two choices: either try to reformat or swap out the S for a replacement unit. Since the data is otherwise okay except for intermittent disconnects from the host, I’m going with a unit swap. If that doesn’t work, then it’s a reformat and restore from backup.

I will say that 2.1.5 seemed to stop the spontaneous reboots that I saw under 2.1.4.

hang in there dataguy,

maybe the new firmware teased out a problem in your unit, and hopefully the chassis swap will sort it out.
(check with support in case the new unit needs any of its own patches before the wap though)

Final update: Drobo swapped out my Drobo S and all is fine now. Perhaps the frequent reboot cycles caused my old unit to give up the ghost. The new unit is now on 2.1.5 and has been rock solid. Drobo Support took a look at my diags one last time and it looked good. Even before the swap, 2.1.5 was much more stable for me than 2.1.4 was. Thanks for everyone’s help, and thanks to Valorie at Drobo who sorted me out. :slight_smile: