Reset without losing data

I have a Drobo5N and I use it as a media server with Plex. The Plex server on the Drobo keeps stopping on its own accord. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still happens.

I would like to try a reset on the Drobo but I don’t want to lose any data and I don’t have enough spare disks to back it all up.

If I remove the disk pack, then turn the Drobo on and reset it using the dashboard, then turn it off and reinstall the disks, would I lose the data please?

Or any other suggestion that could work would be welcome.

It is not recommended to perform a reset without any drives inserted.


Warning: Doing a pinhole reset on Drobo FS without drives installed will result in data loss. - See more at:


Do you have at least 2 drives to spare?
If yes, you could shutdown the unit remove your disk pack and insert the 2 drives in it to perform a pinhole reset.

Once this is done, let the unit reboot a few times with the spare drives.

Then shutdown, remove the spare drives and reinsert your original disk pack back, and boot up the unit.

hello KelvinY,

would this actually work? without losing data?

thank you in advance.

Yes it should, but it must be attempted with spare drives inserted.

After this is done, perform a few boot up with the spare drives, before shutting down unit and inserting original disk pack.

Does it have to be 2 drives, can i remove my disk pack and put 1 spare drive?