Reset Static IP to DHCP on my 5N

I’m having the problem (somewhat pervasive it seems) with the 5N, in which I can see the share but Dashboard can’t locate it. Due to a comprehensive re-mapping of my network, I need to switch it from being on a static IP to getting an address through DHCP. Is there any way to do this without using Dashboard? Again, I can ping the device successfully, and I can map to the shares, but Dashboard can’t find it, and without any web configuration tool I can’t actually change any of the settings on the device (like the Static IP to DHCP setting).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The pinhole reset will change all settings to the factory defaults, of which DHCP is one. It will also delete all your data so power down first and remove all your drives to keep your data safe. Perform the pinhole reset and confirm that the Dashboard can find the Drobo then power down, re-install your drives (they don’t need to go back into their original slots) and finally power up again.

Drobo Dashboard discovery issue for 5N is usually due to Windows OS or Mac OS firewall blocking the related services.

For Windows OS, Make sure that Drobo Dashboard and Drobo Dashboard Service are BOTH ALLOW (Not BLOCK) under the Windows Firewall setting.

For Mac OSX, Under the System Preferences > Security >> Firewall. Make Sure … that DDService64d is not blocked. It should be set to “Allow in-coming Connection…”

This should in general resolved most of the Dashboard not discovering Drobo 5N issue.

For info,

The ONLY way to set the Drobo 5N back to DHCP setting from a STATIC IP, is to use the Dashboard. Yes… is unfortunate that Drobo 5N does NOT have a web config tool.

Doing a PIN-HOLE reset with Drives, will WIPE OUT and FORMAT all existing data and reset all network, user, shares setting by to factory default which is liked all NEW fresh Drobo 5N. So DO NOT perform a PIN-HOLE with Drives!!!

Doing a PIN-HOLE reset without Drive and later re-inserted the existing Disk Pack… will NOT render the 5N back to DHCP! The STATIC IP (Network Setting) are stored in the Disk Pack… So once the Disk Pack is back into the 5N and boot off… the 5N is back to the SAME OLD Static IP.

The ONLY way is to use the Dashboard.

Dashbord has a settings menu where you can manually enter IP of your networked drobo units. Try it.

Not according to Drobo’s Sky in this message. That could have changed in a recent firmware upgrade, of course. It wouldn’t make a great deal of sense though since the IP address is a property of the chassis, not the disk pack.

Edit: Reading that thread through, there seems to be confusion and inconsistency even within Drobo about where the IP address is stored.

That’s precisely the problem. He can’t.

I was talking about Dashboard setting where to find drobo not setting IP of the drobo itself.

Normally Dashboard is searching for drobo units automatically but you can specify a list of IP addresses where to look for drobo units.

You mean the “Drobo Discovery Settings” link? Worth a try, of course.

hi just another thought… what if the 5n was plugged directly into a local computer via ethernet cable (just for the purposes of having a more direct link) and maybe the dashboard would be able to see it again?

Yes, I think that should work if you also set your PC to the same network as 5N.

ok cool thanks for confirmation bytec, lets see how things go for rob - fingers crossed :slight_smile:

If Drobo 5N is on Static IP say

  1. Power Down the Drobo 5N and connect it directly the PC NIC port using normal network cable.

  2. On the PC, make sure that the PC’s ethernet port (NIC, Network Port) is set to a static IP that matches the 5N IP. It should be on the same subnet. Example: 192.168.8.x (

  3. Power on the 5N … launch the Drobo Dashboard… wait awhile and it should discover the 5N. If you are on PC or Mac… make sure that the OS firewall is not blocking any Drobo related service… as mentioned in my pervious port in this thread.

Good luck,