Request for feedback: DroboFS backup script


I wrote a script for backing up snapshots of our Macs to our drobofs, and decided to share it and hopefully improve on it with the help of the community.

I’d appreciate any feedback, bug reports, etc.


What is Trunkfish?

Trunkfish is a script that creates periodic file backups of the machine executing it onto a separate machine. It was explicitly developed for backing up OSX machines onto a DroboFS, but, with some minimal work, should work for linux and cygwin’ed Windows machines.

Why Trunkfish?

I wrote Trunkfish because I wanted a periodic hardlinked-based backup system that I could use to backup our home Macs onto the home DroboFS. The top contenders were TimeMachine and rsnapshot.

Trunkfish is differentiated from Time Machine in that it does not use a proprietary storage format. It creates a directory for each day dated as such (e.g. “/2011-11-1/”) which contains a complete snapshot of the target directory on the host computer. The trade-off is that it only supports the restoring of individual files, not system images.

Trunkfish is differentiated from rsnapshot in that it is client-driven and does not require running any software other than rsync and ssh on the server. Additionally, it’s easier to setup (doesn’t require multiple cron jobs and rsync configs), and it uses absolute dates for backup directories rather than relative ones.

How does it perform on maintaining Mac OS X metadata ( http://www.bombich.com/rsync.html )?

I have no idea. I’ll dig into it. thanks.

So from what I can gather, preserving OSX metadata is limited by the rsync and filesystem implementation on the DroboFS, and I don’t see a way around it.