reporting wrong used capacity

My drobo seems to be reporting the wrong used capacity. If I look at the two partitions that I created on the drobo, it uses over 800GB, but the drobo tools (and the blue light on the drobo) is only reporting that it’s using 160GB.

when you say “it uses” do you mean “there is more than 800gb of data on there” or " the partitions total over 800Gb in size".

the blue lights should show the total amount of data stored on drobo (unless you have recently deleted a lot in which case they may take a minute or two to catch up)

Also what dashboard and firmware version are you running?

What’s you OS?

@docchris - i have a 4TB & a 500GB partition. The 4TB partition has about 600GB used and the 500GB has about 200GB used. previously, i had 3 blue lights lit, now I only have 1 lit.

@jennifer - i’ll check the firmware & dashboard version when I get home from work today. but I just saw a post at tuaw that said that the drobo dashboard is not correctly telling you to update your firmware to 1.3.6. I suspect that I am running 1.3.5 and I have not been notified to update.

The firmware 1.3.6 was to have the drobo handle 4k Sector drives.

The dashboard is correctly telling you are up to date. Firmware 1.3.6 is not an auto-update, it is not being pushed out automatically via the dashboard because it is for the 4k sector drives.

The main things are:

What version of dashboard are you running?
What is your OS?
And did you use disk utility to create that 500GB partition?

I am running Dashboard version 1.5.1 (I just did a check for updates and it told me I was up to date).
Firmware 1.3.5

I am running OS 10.6.2

It was awhile back, so I can’t be sure, but I think I used the drobo tools to create the 500GB partition.

btw, now the drobo is reporting that 498GB are used. It’s closer to what I expect, only 300GB off now.

Dashboard versions 1.5.1 thru 1.6.7 will show the incorrect usage and partitions when you use Disk Utility to create a partition. Dashboard 1.6.8 fixed the issue.

Please uninstall dashboard 1.5.1 and download and install 1.6.8.

I uninstalled 1.5.1 a per the instructions and installed 1.6.8

My dashboard now says 160.93 used and 1.65TB free which is incorrect. I have rebooted once with the same results.

Properly shut down your drobo. Disconnect the data cable then the power.
Restart your computer.
Then plug in the data cable then the power to the drobo.

If that does not resolve the issue, please open a support case.


I’ve just installed the 1.6.8 version of dashboard and it still doesn’t show the correct volume size left. It is still behaving like the previous versions in only showing one of the partitioned drives capacity. I’ve had to revert to 1.2.4 and using firmware 1.3.5 as this shows the correct storage used. I am using an early intel iMac and 10.5.8. I was hoping that the latest version of dashboard would solve the problem but it hasn’t. Is there anyway I can send you some info to see why it isn’t working for your tech guys to look at?

Yes, open a support case.