Replacing Failed Drive; How to add to existing volume

Sorry to ask this, but my Drobo has been so reliable I’ve forgotten all the techie stuff - and I can’t find the answer I’m looking for :frowning:

I have replaced a failed 4TB drive with a 6TB drive; inserted into the empty slot and green light is on, but it wants to format the drive as a separate volume rather than just adding it to the existing volume.
Setup is Drobo 5D on current firmware and dashboard; MacOS Big Sur;
Bay 0 - 3 TB
Bay 1 - 6 TB
Bay 2 - was 4TB now 6TB
Bay 3 - 6 TB
Bay 4 - 4 TB
Capacity shows as 9.08TB Used, 6.91 TB free and 1.17TB Unallocated.

Please can you tell me how do I format the new drive to be part of the existing volume rather than creating a separate volume? - thank you!

You’ve probably hit a result of your drobo having been initially set up using old firmware, which supported a max volume size of 16TB, once your storage exceeds that it’ll create another 16TB volume.

In order to enable the current max volume of 64TB & keep your data in one volume, you’ll need to copy the data off to somewhere else then perform a reset on the unit from dashboard. This will wipe it & alter the onboard formatting to support a single large volume.

That’s going to require a 10TB+ other external drive to temporarily park that 9TB of data on, though there’s no reason you can’t replace the 3TB drive with it after the reset & copy data back is done.

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Thank you - I have had the Drobo for a number of years so that all makes sense. I think between several external disks I’ll be able to move everything off and reset the drive - hope I can finish it all this week :slight_smile: