Replacing Drives - Does Position Matter?

I’ve got an older Drobo unit (DRO40-D), and all 4 drive bays are filled. I now want to upgrade the smallest drive with a larger one - does it matter that the smallest one is in the bottom position, and was the first drive initially installed?

Since this system contains all the backups for 5 different computers, I’m a bit reluctant to do anything like this without knowing for sure that I’m not going to make a mess and have to start over. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve heard different recommendations about whether or not to shut down the drobo when swapping drives. (?)


You can either power down the drobo to swap out 1 drive or leave the drobo on.
If on, make sure the drobo recognizes the old drive has been removed before inserting the new drobo.

Are all the drives the same size?

They will be when I’m finished. Currently the drive on the bottom is a 750Gb drive, and the other 3 are 1Tb drives. I’m getting ready to replace the 750Gb with a 1Tb drive, so they’ll all be 1Tb after the swap.

Curious – why do you ask? Does it matter?


I ask because if you are trying to increase capacity and have 4 drives that are the same size, in order to actually increase capacity for available usage you need to upsize 2 drives.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of that. But after rereading the post I see you mention the smallest drive with a larger drive and I missed that the first time. Sorry. :smiley:

Ah, I see. Thanks!