Replacing dead drive with an old drive used in a previous Drobo?

I just had a 1TB drive die on my DroboPro.

I have a bunch of spare 1TB drives from this same unit that I had upgraded to 2TB drives.

I can just pop one of those in and it’ll be fine, right? I guess my concern is that since this old 1TB was used in a Drobo before, and specifically this same model (but months ago) that it might freak out or something.

Also, for a $1500 unit, your customer support sucks DRI. I just tried calling and got somebody in India who couldn’t even repeat back my last name letter by letter correctly after I spelled it out letter by letter so I just hung up in frustration.

It should be okay, but not having done it myself, I’d probably write zeroes to the drive using the manufacturer’s utility/diagnostic program first, just to be safe.

as long as you have an existing, working (albeit degraded) disk pack in there you will be fine - and put it in while th eunit is running

the only possible issue would be if you had the unit off and turned it on and then it tried to mount from your old disk … .with your new pack already in there, it will simply immediately wipe your old disk

(ive done this many times)

sorry docchris, could you elaborate on that?
i registered it in my mind as one of the “dont do’s” but dont fully understand (at this hour at least) :slight_smile:

Basically, as with any RAID setup, you never want the RAID device to be confused about which disk configuration to use when it powers up.

If your DroboPro is up and running (albeit in degraded mode), then just pop in that previously used drive. If your DroboPro is off, make sure that only drives of the set you value are inserted, then power it up. Once it’s online, you can insert former Drobo disks without problem.

when drobo starts up - it mounts a disk pack…

if you have disks from two different packs in there then there is always a risk that it might start up from the WRONG disk pack

if you only have one disk pack in there - then it will obviously start from that one … so once its running - then it doesn’t matter if you insert disks from a second pack , drobo will just wipe them and add them to your first pack