Replacing a disk


Drobo Gen 2, 4x1TB

I’ve got a red light blinking with a click of dead in one disk. I have bought a new 2TB one, replace… but the red light is now fix, with a message in the dashboard “add a disk”

Is this normal? Or I must wait for something?


I extract the red light new disk, and placed again, and now yes have entered in data protection mode… 33 hours says…


after data protection mode… all lights are in red. Says all disk have been remove…


hi pixels, are all lights still a solid red?
if yes, can you shutdown the computer,
(what does the drobo do now)

if it is still on with 4 red lights, please check the activity light on the drobo, and if it is not showing activity, then please also unlug the usb cable from teh drobo.
if the unit is still remaining on for several minutes, you could try to power all off (essentially by unplugging the power cable from drobo)

then with power still off

  • try ejecting each drive, and firmly putting it back into its place again
  • then to power up the drobo again
    (what happens when it starts up, are the blue leds trying to go from 1 to 10?)

after power off… and putting the drives again…

the blue lights appear… it arrives until 4 an then shut down

Curiously, the drobo dashboard (that indicates tha too many disks have been removed) identify the drives disposition: 1TB, 2TB, 1 TB, 1TB

I’ve tried again with only 3 drives also, and the same: 4 blue lights that switch off then. Dashboard identify: 1TB, add a drive, 1TB, 1TB

With drobo switch on and conected to the computer, if I push the 4 drive in… four blue lights appear… five is off… and six on


thanks for the info pixels,
can you try the following:

  • to power all off

  • to remove the drives (remembering the order)

  • to power up just the drobo on its own
    (it should power up and then go into standby mode)

  • to then power up the computer, and dashboard

  • and once those are up and running,

  • to connect the drobo to computer via usb
    (does dashboard still detect the drobo, and show a 1 top bay red asking for drives?)

if yes (its usually a better sign in the sense that drobo seems to be working) but do NOT put the drives in.
instead, please try to power all down again

  • and with power still off, to put the drives back in where they were, and to unplug the usb cable
  • and to power up the drobo only…
    (does it get any further pixels?)

I sent my drobo to a data recovery service, where they have not been able to recover the file structure. I just recovered RAW files (no folders or correct file names) and only about a 5%…

I will try what you say when I get back …

And I’m looking for another company (in Europe, better in Spain) of recovery data specialized in drobo

hi pixels,
one thing that may help, could be to fully block clone the drives you have, before anything else is done on them, (and then to only use the clones for further processes just in case), such as in post 7 here where another user yerry is working through a similar process:
(please do have a look through the whole thread though as there is a lot of related information and links about the exact process too)[hr]
edit: also, i may need to try such as process in the near-ish future.