Replacing a 1TB drive with a 2TB - How long?

I’m going to be replacing a 1TB drive with a 2TB.

Currently, the Drobo indicates it has 3.08TB used, 533.75GB free, in a Drobo V2 with the following drives: 2TB+2TB+1TB+1TB.

Anyone have any idea how long relayout will take?

Drobo is of course complaining that freespace is running low despite the fact that there’s over 14% freespace, and filling it would require about 6-3/4 hours of dedicated copying .

What make/model drives do you have in the Drobo?
Also keep in mind that if there’s any kind of access on the Drobo, it’ll slow the relayout process.

it doesnt matter who large the drive you are replacing it with is, its the size of the one you are removing which will dictate the rebuild time (because that is the amount of data which will be removed and must be recreated).

a 1tb drive will usually take 24-28 hours, but any kind of access can dramatically slow that down.

For rebuild time it would be based on how much data is on the disk that was removed - not the size of the disk. Drobo call this “Proportional Rebuild Times” in their tech specs.
Looking at the info from the OP the 1TB disks would be close to full.

yeah thats what i meant, i could have phrased it clearer

Around 30 hours sounds right.