Replacing 2 TB drive with a 3 or 4TB drive


I currently have two 2 TB WD Black drives in my drobo. I purchased them before really researching the types of drives I should be using in my drobo and as such have decided to swap one of the 2TB drive with a 3 or 4 TB WD Green drive.

I am concerned that I will lose the data on the 2 TB drive if I replace it with the new drive. I know this is how my drobo is supposed to work and that I am probably being way too over cautious, but would there be any issue with doing this?


I’m not too sure what I am about to say would be the answer you are looking for.

If you decide to replace one of the drive, your data in your Drobo unit would still be intact.
You would want to do this when the lights of the unit are showing green and your data is still accessible.
Also, ensure you have the latest firmware installed (1.4.2).

I’m not entirely sure and couldn’t confirm but the data on the drive that is removed should still be intact and accessible (via a USB drive cradle/dock) if there are only 2 drives in your disk pack setup.

Absolutely not. The data will technically still be there… but it is in a format which can only be understood by a drobo. If you put it in a USB dock, the drive will appear totally blank and unformatted.

If you were to place the drive in a second drobo and turn it on , all of your data will be on that disk and accessible via the Drobo too :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you both. Once I replace the 2 TB drive with the 4TB drive, I will be formatting the 2TB drive and using that for other things. I just wanted to be sure that when I replace the 2 TB drive that the information that is shared will not be destroyed.

hi bigt, how did things go - what was the outcome? :slight_smile: