Replacement Power Adapter for Drobo FS


I have an older model Drobo FS which has been running fine for a couple of years.

That is until the power adapter died yesterday evening. And thats where the problem begins…
These are the specifications of the power adapter:

Model EA11001E-120
Input 100÷240V, 2.5A
DC Output 12V/8.33A

I desperately need a replacement adapter.

I noticed Drobo sell replacement adapters for the newer 5D and 5N models, but I believe they run on a higher ampere (12V/12.5A) - so I assume these are not appropriate, correct?
For Example:

Where can I buy a replacement?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

hi justin,
it may be worth trying to raise a case with support (or at least ringing them up) to ask about this, in case they can sell you one. (im sure you would need to buy it, as the fs drobocare is probably finished, but that would be fair enough if they can sell you one)?

I ended up buying the 5N replacement power adapter and it seems to be working fine.

The 5N has a slightly higher power rating (12.5A instead of 8.33A), but Drobo tech support assured me that wouldn’t be a problem. And in fact the adapter I ended recieving had exactly the same power rating as the FS oddly enough.

So, all good.

ok thats great to hear :slight_smile: