Replacement for Drobo Copy

Hi Folks,

I just updated Dashboard to the latest version on my FS and now Drobo Copy has disappeared - I didn’t realise that this was no longer supported (guess I should have checked first).

Drobo Copy wasn’t without it’s issues, but it mostly worked for me, and was nice to have as part of the dashboard UI.

What back up Mac software are others using instead ? I need software that will incrementally back up 3 large folders stored on an Asus NAS to folders on the Drobo FS (movies, music, etc). I’ll be using a Mac Mini running Lion.


Too sad they discount those…

hmm i think seagate is buying lacie, maybe a new one will be made available
(probably a paid for version by the way things usually go but sometimes the company aquiring or buying the other will keep a product of the other company)

eg like when adobe bought macromedia, adobe had a GoLive product, and macromedia had dreamweaver.
they stopped their GoLive and continued with Dreamweaver.

(at the time though, Go Live was better) :slight_smile:

Hi Folks,
Just to update this thread, I’ve eventually gone for Carbon Copy Cloner. It had the features I was after - most notably scheduled incremental back ups. Not too expensive at around £25.


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