replacement Drobo 5N


I have a Drobo 5N which Drobo Support are about to replace as the Drobo kept rebooting.

Currently the Drobo does not see any of the drives and the drives do not seem to spin up so wondered if anyone knew if the procedure to put the drives in the new Drobo would be as described in KB
and KB

As I do not want to loose data from the drives.

the current Drobo was setup with 5 * 4TB drives with duel disk redundancy it also has a Msata drive in it.

Any advice would be helpful.

The two KB articles you linked have two different and separate procedures.
The first is (slot flush) is only necessary if your Drobo was in a boot loop (sounds like it might’ve been).
The second is a normal disk pack migration.

Definitely ask support which procedure is recommended for your situation. The slot flush doesn’t sound like it would hurt anything, but at the same time I’m not sure what it does.

Thanks Brandon,

I did talk with support and they advised on going though both KB articles however I went though on the new Drobo.

All done and working :slight_smile:

Great to hear you’re back up and running! :slight_smile: