Replacement Drobo 5D not working

I had a Drobo 5D that failed. Wouldn’t start up, just on red light where the power light is. So I decided to try to move my data to a new Drobo 5D compatible chassis.

It turns out that there is absolutely no inventory anywhere. I went to all of the vendors, including Drobo (I reached out to Drobo Sales and never got a response). I work for a very large reseller, and We had nothing and there was nothing available at distribution of any Drobo of any kind.

The only Drobo I could find was a new Drobo 5D on eBay, which I purchased for way too much money because I need to get the drives up and running again.

I can’t get this new drive to recognize any drives or be seen by Drobo Dashboard. I have it attached to a Mac running Catalina. The only thing I can think of at this point is that the firmware on the Drobo is old, because it has been sitting in a box for a long time.

But I can’t install the firmware if Dashboard won’t see it as far as I know.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I will answer my own question.

I pulled out an old system with High Sierra on it and I was able to get Dashbord to see the Drobo. I then went through 5-6 firmware upgrades/Restarts to get it current, and then it recognized my drives and booted up.

Glad you were able to resolve it.