Replaced with larger drdive - DP: In Progress to error.

I replaced a 4TB drive with a 6TB drive to increase space. It did a Data Protection for about 2 days. Then the light turned red and gave a message that it cannot protect the drive. Then it will run Data Protection again for 30 minutes or so then turn red again. Doing this over and over.

Any help?

hi can i check if that red light was just a solid, always on, red light, or was it flashing/blinking on and off?

if the red light was for the new 6TB drive, then this sounds like it could be the drive that is having a lot of problems, which is failing but just about recovering, especially if the red light has been flashing/blinking?

if it is the same drive that has been flashing red, and then a rebuild takes place, and then it keeps failing with a flashing red light, then a few options might be these:

  1. can you click on that drive in dashboard, to see if there are any messages about the drive, such as warning or healed?

2a) if you do not have any backups of the data, you could try putting the drobo into a readonly mode, for example as mentioned in the link below, to see if things stabalise with the current setup you have, at least to be able to make backups of your data to somewhere else (or just of the most important data), before trying 2b) below:
Please note: if you do go into read only mode, you would need to exit readonly mode before swapping any drives etc.

2b) alternatively, if there is enough time inbetween the rebuild/data protection process, so that your drobo is in a stable state, then you could try ejecting that particular drive when in a stable state, and this should hopefully prevent the existing loop.

(you might actually still get some kind of data protection process after the removal, and depending on remaining free space, you might get a solid yellow or a solid red light on another drive, but that would just indicate low space)

then, you could put a replacement drive in its place, which is either an empty drive, or a drive that doesnt have any needed data on it, ideally of the same size if possible.

  1. am not sure if you are still in support, but it might be worth raising a ticket with the team (which i think you can also do as a pay-per-incident even if out of support if you wanted), but if too much time is elapsing before you get a reply, then it might be worth considering using dashboard to shut down the drobo when the drobo is next in a stable state, and not in the middle of rebuilds etc.[hr]
    btw do you already have any 6TB drives that have been working fine in your drobo before?