Replaced one bad drive (red light), now all drives are red

Hi All,

Hoping somone can help me…

I replaced a bad drive (red light) with a new drive…Now all the drives are appearing red, and I cannot access any data…
The dashboard is saying…“Multiple drives removed please re-insert the removed drives.” So when I insert the bad drive again, it still saying that message…

The Drobo was working fine with the bad drive, ie I was able to access my data as all the other drives were okay. So I thought that if I reinserted the bad drive I could at least get back…

I’m on a MAC with Mojave OS

Drobo FS with 5 drives.

Any help would be great…


You can check the link below and hopes that it will solve the issue:


Thanks, tried all of this…still not working…All red lights…

Did you try to shutdown the Drobo, reseat all disks, then try to power on again the drobo?

Yeah, frustrating…As I was able to access all my data before even with the one bad drive

Worst thing is that another disk may have also failed therefore all drives bay went all red lights. You may create a support case in Drobo support portal and maybe they can help you.

thanks, done that…appreciate your help