Replace Power supply on a 4D

Hi, I need to replace my Drobo 4D (USB+FW) power supply Output 12V 6,6A (80W). It seems to be too old and I can’t find any reseller for it. Is it compatible with another newer power supply (for 5D?). Can someone here answer this question as Drobo Inc support team didn’t find time to reply to my mails. Thx

I didn’t have much problems finding offers for replacement Drobo PSUs on eBay. 5D one should be fine. It has higher power (maximum current) rating but that is a good thing. In general, you want the same voltage (12V), same plug type, same polarity (center-positive) and equal or greater maximum power/current (W or A). BTW, there’s no such thing as Drobo 4D - might be one of the reasons you’ve failed to find anything.

Thanks for your reply. I found “compatible” plugs and even bought one that was… hmmm… not so compatible (worked only a couple of hours), and sites selling branded plugs are all out of stock with no date for restock. Speaking of Drobo 4D I meant DRO4D-D. Thanks anyway, if 5D plugs are compatible, I will chose to order one.