Replace oldest drive instead of recommended drive

I’m about to replace one of my 2TB drives with a 4TB Seagate NAS drive.

Because I have less than 10% space free (6% is free, or 373GB), drobo has been warning me I am low, and one of the 2TB indicators is yellow.

The drive that has the yellow indicator was manufactured March 2011, and the other one was manufactured June 2010. I’d like to replace the older one, without the yellow indicator.

My brain says that it doesn’t matter, but I’m wondering what the consensus is?


Do it. The unit is just trying to tell you to replace a drive due to low space. I had the same decision with 33TB and 22TB drives installed. One of the yellow went yellow, but I replaced the other, upgrading with a 4TB, like yourself. No problems.

Thanks a lot!