Replace failed drive with smaller drive?

I have a drobo with 4 drives - 2 x 2gb and 2 x 1gb. I am only using 500 gb out of the almost 2 gb available. Now one of the 2gb disks have failed and the only spare disk I have is a 1gb. Even with the smaller drive I would have more space than I need. Can I replace the 2gb disk with a 1gb disk with out any problems?

you shouldn’t need to replace the disk at all - if you just pull the failed disk out - drobo should be able to rebuild onto your reminding 3 disk (sometimes drobo needs to be restarted in order to kick it into starting the rebuild)

hi mrdo,
what i think Docchris is implying, is that after the rebuild, yes you could add that smaller drive and it will simply expand your storage pool (not as high as it was before but probably by around 0.5gig) - but, i’ll let Docchris confirm from his side, (along with whether or not the replacement drive could be added in during a rebuild?)

not at all - from what he is saying, it isn’t currently rebuilding - but my point is that he doenst have to add any drives to rebuild onto - he could simply shrink his array to a three disk array - there is no need or reason to add a 4th drive, if he simply removes the failed drive and reboots drobo it should initiate a rebuild onto his remaining three disks

One thing to keep in mind you will be running with only one 2 TB drive. This drive will be treated as a 1 TB drive by the Drobo. So you will have 2.7 TB of storage space. If this is sufficient space for you then go a head and change out the Drive.

With what Docchris is saying that you do not need to change out the drive, if you will have sufficient free space, you storage space with that configuration will be 1.8 TB.

Just don’t upgrade to a 3TB, because Drobo has had 6 months to make a firmware upgrade to your drobo, and has chosen not to! 3TB won’t work!

I assumed this was a typo, otherwise you have some very small disk drives. gb?

lol - hey you’re right - even i didnt spot that :slight_smile:

btw thanks for the reply docchris