Replace broken Drobo or save data

my Drobo (5C) does not boot anymore. disks are safe but my data are unavailable.
I would like do buy e new Drobo but it’s impossible to buy a new one.
it is possible to move data from my array to another NAS without a working Drobo?

I have an old 4 bay 1 generation drobo. do you think it may help me in any way?

thank you in advance for any help

I don’t think it is possible, I have a similar issue. I would try to migrate to another drobo (check migration compatibility list on drobo site). Might wanna check ebay and Facebook marketplace for a cheap drobo that can help you.

thank you

surfing the internet I was able to find a brand new 5n2 in Belgium and I bought it.

the problem is whether to again drobo or not. is drobo still on the market or is it abandonware?